4 Types Of Shoes Used In Gym

4 Types of shoes used in Gym and their Effects!

Right shoes provide the right grip and increase your workout efficiency. Gym goers opt for the best looking shoes, comfortable shoes for the gym. What they don’t know is how different types of shoes can make or break their workout. 

You might be doing well but the right pair of shoes can make you a peak performer. Different workouts involve different moves and dynamics. One pair of shoes might not cut it, hence if your pocket allows then you must go for at least two different shoes for your workouts. For example, You can have running shoes for cardio days and a weightlifting shoe for lifting sessions. Let’s take a look at different types of shoes used in gyms. 

The Minimalist 

They are designed to give you a feel of barefoot training. Early bodybuilders used to train barefoot. Most experts suggest that barefoot training can give massive gains. Some don’t find these very comfortable because they don’t have much protection and cushioning effect. 

The main purpose of these shoes is to provide stability and it helps you to draw more power from the ground, this results in better lifts. Minimal shoes result in better gains in leg muscles. 

Many lifters prefer barefoot deadlift and squats, Minimal shoes are the best options for such lifters. 


You must have seen Instagram athletes wearings Converse, Chucks and One-Star. They are actually a good choice for Squats and Deadlifts. 

Their feel is somewhat similar to the minimal shoes described above. However, one might not like them because of their narrow toes. Also, if it is a high-top converse then it will hamper ankle mobility. 

You must try them for your squats and deadlifts and If there are no issues with you, then continue with them. 

Running Shoes

These are very common among gym-goers. Everyone just buys a pair of these and heads to the gym. They are a good choice for your cardio session but.


Running shoes have soft cushioning and you don’t need that in resistance training. 

Squatting on a soft surface will only put more load on your knees and ankles because the soft surface is not good for stability. Lifting requires a firm connection with the floor and these shoes do the opposite. To sum up, it’s better you leave running shoes for running only. 

Weightlifting Shoes 

If you are into the bodybuilding sport or want to make serious gains then weightlifting shoes are the best bet without a doubt. 

They provide a good grip on the surface and have raised heels. Their heels increase the range of motion in compound moves like squats and deadlifts. 

Raised heels will also help you to erect your spine and keep your chest up in most of the exercise. This will result in better form and eventually better gains. Heels are hard and firm NOT cushioned. 

Every serious lifter from Olympians to PRO bodybuilders uses these shoes but regular folks seems to be unaware. Search for any heavy lifting video and you will notice such shoes. 

These shoes are great if you are looking to make the most out of your sessions. They can prevent you from injuries to a great extent. 

To conclude, I must emphasize that there is a different shoe for different occasions. It is necessary to choose the most appropriate shoes especially when the occasion demands physical efforts. Right shoes will not only increase your performance but also ensure longevity!

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