Best running shoes for men under 2000

Best running shoes for men under 2000 rupees

Most common mistake men make is they pick random sports shoes for running. You must realize that running shoes need to have some qualities.

There are multiple factors like Material of sole, design, Mid-sole etc that make a good running shoe. We understand that budget is also a factor for some guys. However, it is not necessary that only a costly brand can deliver quality. We bring you the best running shoes for men under 2000 rupees.

We understand that some runners are prone to injury. Hence, we focus on the features that matter for a runner and bring you the best quality in your budget.

1. PUMA Men’s Explorer Running shoes

Puma is one of the best brands for a runner without a doubt.

These shoes have a rubber sole to ensure durability. Also, Rubber sole is very good for traction which makes it easy for runners. Rubbers soles are great shock-absorbers i.e. one can run on any surface without any fear of injury.

The outer material is breathable and has good ventilation. Round toe and regular width guarantees good fitting. Good fitting is a must for safe running too. One can wear these shoes for the whole day and also for other sports.

Warranty: 90 days. This is also satisfactory because 90 days are enough to test the shoes. This is a very good deal in your budget.

2. Liberty Force 10 running shoes

Liberty is a very reliable brand and we know it since our childhood. Some men prefer shoes with no laces and this one is perfect for them. Even without laces, it is a good fit.

These are very light-weight. Hence, a very good choice for long runners. Also, they are great for daily wear. Warranty is 15 days. Material is synthetic which is a tough material. Hence, this ensures durability. They provide good value for money if you have a budget of Rs.2000.

3. Campus Men’s Dragon Running Shoes

Great shoes with aesthetic and perfect design. These shoes have Phylon sole. Phylon sole is perfect for running. They are very comfortable for feet. The sole and higher heel ensures safety for your butts and lower back, this is critical for runners. Also, Phylon soles are flexible and natural shock absorbers.

One can say these are very much close to professional running shoes. This one is simply outstanding If you are looking for running shoes for men under 2000 rupees.

4. Campus Evok Men running shoes

Another shoe with professional-level features. With Phylon soles, one can guarantee that these are great for runners. Also, they have mesh material. Mesh is very good for ventilation and increases breathability.

The fitting is pretty good too. Phylon sole and mesh material make them multi-purpose. One can use it for different sports and activities.

The Campus has a pretty good collection of budget-friendly runner shoes. But they do not compromise with quality.

5. Campus California Running Shoes

This range is a perfect blend of style and functionality. These are fashionable and good-looking running shoes.

These shoes also have mesh material for breathability. No problem of foul smell so that you can also wear them throughout the day.

These shoes also come with phylon soles. It is very dense that’s why they are durable. This is used by good manufacturers in the industry. This pair comes with 4 cool colour variables. Overall, this is a good deal and one of the stylish running shoes for men under 2000 rupees.


Whether you want shoes especially for running or it is running and daily use, we have selected the best in the business. These shoes not only fit your budget but provide great value for money.

These not only cover the fashionable side of the shoes but also safety. This list ensures a safe set of shoes for you. We will keep adding more to this list and cover more types of shoes for different activities.

This was our best list for Best running shoes for men under 2000 rupees. If you liked our work, Kindly share it with your loved ones and anyone who might find it useful. Also, share your thoughts in the comment section and what else category you want us to cover.

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