Running Shoes for women

Best Running shoes for women(2021 Edition)

Men and Women are both very different and have different physical demands. Running shoes for women are different from running shoes of men. Women are lighter and have soft bones, joints and tendons. They have smaller heels and toes, wider butts and different posture of running. Therefore, We bring you the best of the best and the most comfortable one for your next run. 

1. Nike W Epic React Flyknit 2

Close to EPIC! As the name suggests. Starting with fabric, which is durable, washable and breathable. Good heel raise and toe space make it a good running shoe. If you are a newbie runner, you can go for this one for sure. It’s good fitting and medium width will shape you into a good runner over time.

2. Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2

This one is right out from a successful Pegasus series. This one is for a seasoned runner and sprinters. This is as good as they come. The design support multi-function. One can use to for running, gym session or badminton. They are lightweight and very comfortable running shoes for women. Mid-sole is comfy and the stream-line looks increase the casual appeal.

3. Nike Epic React Flyknit 1

These are the one for all type. Long run, short run, Jog, Sprint, it supports all. They are a bit narrow. Some don’t prefer narrow but most women have a narrow foot. Wide hips tend to supinate the foot and these shoes counter it perfectly. These shoes will also help someone with knee issues and injury.

4. Nike Pegasus 35

It is a very well designed shoe for light-weight women. The shoe doesn’t have good ventilation but this differs from person to person. Lightweight ensures that you can have long runs. These shoes don’t deform while running hence ensures your landing is good and safe. They have a medium width.

5. Nike Legend

Super comfy and super-stylish at the same time. Shoes are flexible and support your movements. The thick heel and rubber sole provide good traction on any surface. The width is perfect and fabric provides good ventilation these shoes weigh only 250 grams, light like a feather. You can also use them for daily wear because of aesthetic design

6. Nike Downshifter

These are tough shoes. You can run on any surface with them. The outer surface is synthetic. These shoes are very comfortable and women can wear them for the whole day. Rubber sole has good shock absorption and ensures durability.

These were some of the best out there. I can’t stress enough how running shoes for women are different from running shoes for men. Still, I see people just going to shop and grabbing any random good-looking pair of shoes. However, you can stand apart from the crowd, go and grab one of these for your next run.

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