Best sneakers of women

Best sneakers for Women(2021 Edition)

The sneaker trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. In the past few years, many girls now love to wear sneakers. Hence, we bring the best sneakers for women. Now, the brand sale also coming up with different and exciting designs. Below listed sneakers are for party purpose. 

1. Converse Canvas Sneakers

Converse never goes out of style. They will always have the appeal and add an element that’s why they are at top of the list. 

Girls who don’t like to experiment with things, they can consider it as a great choice as they are fit for all occasion. 

Fitting of the shoes is great. Just wear socks in the beginning to avoid some biting. 

  • Comfort- 8/10
  • Style Element-8/10
  • Value for Money-9/10

2. FASHIMO JazzStar

These are high-top shoes and are for girls who like to experiment. The design has a good style statement. The price is also reasonable. 

Some girls avoid high-top but these are surely worth a try. They are stylish and have a good fitting. The soles don’t have the best grip. Just order the right size then you are good to go 

  • Comfort- 8/10
  • Style Element- 8.5/10
  • Value for Money-8/10

3. LongWalk Sneakers

One can’t finish the talks of sneakers without mentioning white sneakers. Best sneakers for women also come in white. 

These have a unique design and can turn heads. They have some mixed vibe like indo-western. 

Most importantly, I found them very Instagram friendly. They are very photogenic. The fitting 9 is great and even the soles are good, which means good gripping of shoes. Easily one of the best white sneakers for women.

  • Comfort-9/10
  • Style Element-9/10
  • Value for Money-9/10

4. Denill’s Sneakers

They are slightly similar to JazzStar but no high-top. The style is pretty simple and sometimes simple is enough. In this case, It is more than enough and a proper balance of style and simplicity.

Fitting is perfect. The fabric of shoes is a mix of plastic and rubber. Some might like it some might not like it. In this price range, One can go for it. 

  • Comfort-7/10
  • Style Element-7.5/10
  • Value for Money-7/10

5. LongWalk 

Another one from LongWalk and it is a worthy mention. First one was stylish and elegant but these give full disco vibes. 

They have great shiny silver plating at toes. Again, It’s for those who like to wear shiny and vibrant footwear. The fitting is smooth and the colours are great. Once again a great product at a reasonable price. 

  • Comfort-8/10
  • Style Element-8/10
  • Value for Money-8.5/10

6. Converse Sneakers (High-Top)

These are just similar to previous from converse but with a high top. Most importantly, they are in white, one of the best sneakers for women in white. 

The fit is perfect. A flawless design and something that never goes out of fashion. Price is justified because the quality is top-notch. 

  • Comfort-9.5/10
  • Style Element-9/10
  • Value for Money-10/10

These are a handful of best sneakers for women. We don’t want our readers to get confused with loads of choices. So, go ahead and order one for yourself and check out our other articles.

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